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About Us

TeamTrident works as one to help you win as one.

Wide ranging experience. Complimentary capabilities. Unifying mindset. Desire to work as one. Resolve to win. An unparalleled ability to simplify, clarify, and articulate. That is TeamTrident. We lead by example. Helping you win is why we get up in the morning. Do you want to work as one to win as one? We've got the resolve to do what it takes. Do you?


Meet TeamTrident


Steve McCloud

Trident's founder: battlefield leadership experiences, team/leader curriculum, lectures, film production, marketing, and keeping the team briefed. Former corporate trainer, tour director; Honorary Member and Unit Historian for "2-F-23", a WWII Marine rifle company.

Bonnie Reitz

Lectures and special projects. A leader in the airline industry, former Sr. V.P. of Marketing and Distribution for Continental Airlines, and member of the legendary turn-around team. Formed Inside-Out, Culture to Customer, currently Chairman of ARC..

Mark Mendenhall, Phd

Co-Instructor, Chickamauga. Internationally recognized Global Leadership consultant and author. Partner in the Kozai Group. Holds the J. Burton Frierson Chair of Excellence in Business Leadership at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Eva Schmatz

Facilitator, program developer, researcher. Works in the trenches of your organization to provide you with crucial customer and employee intel on which to build a strategy and on which to act. President of Summus, Limited.

Colleen Horan

Facilitator and program developer. Former Station Manager, Continental Airlines, member of the legendary turn-around team. Leadership Development for Continental Headquarters, Houston. Current Director of HR for Service Corporation International.

Jay Holmes

Co-Instructor, Normandy and Gettysburg, PME/BSRs. Retired CEO of a commercial finance corporation. Current Board of Directors and Board of Governors Marine Corps Association. Combat veteran, Marine officer, instructor at Quantico.

Tansy Forster

Forward echelon, Ground Team, Normandy. Logistics and Hospitality. Former Manager, hotel industry London. Owner, historic Band of Brothers House. in Sainte Marie du Mont.

Gordon Marciano

Forward echelon, Ground Team, Northern Mariana Islands. Logistics and Hospitality. Military PME/BSR. Research assistant. Owner, Pacific Development, Inc., Saipan.

Matthew Cates

Public Relations and writing. Leadership Destination ground team.

The Story Of Trident

Over two decades ago, a corporate trainer with a Marketing degree, himself a member a high-performance team, was visiting with World War II Marine veterans, and discovered that their combat lessons were not what he had expected. He was stunned to find that they encapsulated and actually explained every aspect of excellence in leadership and performance that he and his organization and business school attempted to articulate. but in complete form, not in the disjointed bits and pieces often found in the civilian experience. Apparently, with their lives on the line, these people had learned a thing or two about what matters and what gets people killed. He also realized that, as these combat veterans passed away, they were taking these lessons to the grave with them. Trident Leadership was formed.

It became clear that there is no such thing as "the military's approach to leadership." People are people, teams are teams, and leadership is leadership. McCloud found that high-performance teams share a common mindset, both in peacetime and combat environments, and he set out to assemble a team from both environs which can work as one to help people and organizations apply these crucial lessons.

The result is a richly satisfying blend of human stories, historic travel, academic research, and proven business performance... a coordinated, concentrated advance on high-performance by top-shelf people who have the ability to inspire and lead others. Now that's a team. And that's Trident's way of making sure that we answer the call of our veterans to "never forget."


Mission Statement

To listen, to learn, to apply, to make the most of the precious lessons learned by combat veterans, by helping any group of people that needs to work together to accomplish something, to work as one to win as one.