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Trident Leadership Development

We'll help you deliver the kind of leadership that your team and mission deserve.
A High-Performance Team.

That's right. When the Supreme Allied Commander, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, paid a late visit to the American paratroopers as they prepared to embark on the "Great Crusade" of D-Day, 6 June 1944, he was not there to give a pep rally, nor to tell them what he wanted them to do. They knew what was at stake, and what their mission was. No, he was focused on what he believed they actually needed...a look into the eyes of the General, and a sense of his confidence in the mission and in them. Privately, he was under tremendous strain and feared disaster. But they needed leadership. And he was there to show it.

Is that not why leadership exists in the first place? It certainly does not exist to make leaders look good. With Trident’s “Battle-Ready Team” program, all of the ego-driven preconceptions are challenged head-on, and we are reminded to focus on what is supposed to be accomplished.

Highly-effective teams are highly-effective because they want to be. And because they are allowed to be. Not because they are told to be. They are focused and dead-set on winning. No excuses. And they require leadership. What, then, is the role of a leader in getting a team battle-ready, and keeping it that way? Our objectives are Shared Understanding and Shared Mindset...those objectives sought continually by leaders of high-performance teams.

The "Battle-Ready Team" Program

At last, a leadership program...a team program...that is consistent with the principles of good leadership. Trident's team development program, "The Battle-Ready Team," is decisiveness in action. From our full-strength interaction to single-day off-sites, Trident's program can take many forms, depending on what makes sense for your team or group. But, whatever form you event make take, its context is assured.

Each program or event is tailored to the needs of the team. Contact us today for more details. Let's talk!

Trident Leadership Destinations

Who is right for one of your programs? Senior executives? Middle Management?


The answer is any group of most any size that can benefit from the study of teams and leadership...good and bad. What do we study? Leadership of high-performance teams...battle-ready teams...and what it takes to get them that way and keep them there."

You can utilize Trident's Battlefield Leadership Studies in many ways: get your team together...literally. part of your organization's internal development program. a valuable addition to your services to your client. a memorable off-site for your group event.

Team on the Battlefield