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Trident Leadership Destinations

Featuring our powerful Battlefield Leadership Studies
Battlefield Leadership Studies
Chickamauga. Gettysburg. Normandy.

They are more than places; they are events. Moments of truth. Where history was made, and the future was determined. They are also wonderfully memorable destinations.

Is this a study of how the military does it?

No, it's a look at how human beings do it. It's a real-world study of two competing organizations under pressure, each trying to implement a plan. It is a test of whether either can do so dependably, and an opportunity to put a piercing light on why. Trident Destinations are outside the boundaries of the silos and fiefdoms of the typical organization, where people and teams can see things as they really are. For teams, it's an opportunity for participants to witness the potential of excellence when they work as one, and the price paid when they do not. Thus, it informs us by providing a clear target of what is required of leadership, allowing us then to make decisions -- to actually move from Observation and Orientation to Decision and Action with an understanding what we're trying to achieve.

Trident’s Battlefield Leadership Studies are immersive, first-person experiences that provide a challenging environment for critical, honest analysis, as well as personal reflection.

When utilized in Trident’s full program, these off-sites are the opening move, providing the contextual foundation for all work that follows in the in-house sessions. And, as stand-alone events, they serve as unforgettable reference points for event discussions, planning sessions, or simply shared experiences.

Each event, including its topical emphasis, duration, and logistical arrangements, is tailored to your needs after discussion. Let's talk!

Trident Leadership Destinations

Now Boarding for the Scene of History.
Trident Leadership Destinations

Who is right for one of these battlefield leadership studies? Senior executives? Middle Management?


The answer is any group of most any size that can benefit from the study of teams and leadership...good and bad. What do we study? Leadership of high-performance teams...battle-ready teams...and what it takes to get them that way and keep them there."

You can utilize Trident's Battlefield Leadership Studies in many ways: get your team together...literally. part of your organization's internal development program. a valuable addition to your services to your client. a memorable off-site for your group event.

Team on the Battlefield